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Lindfield Village Run FAQ's


When is the run?
The race is on Sunday 19th May 2024. The start times for each race, these are now; Start time for 10k is 10:30am Start time for 5k is 10:45am
Where is the run?
The Run starts and finishes at HICKMANS LANE RECREATION GROUND in Lindfield where there are refreshments and changing facilities. Lindfield is under two miles from Haywards Heath with its excellent railway services. There is limited parking. It is recommended that people use parking in the Village and make their way to the registration point and start point by foot. There are bars to lock up bicycles and there will be a supervised luggage drop tent where runners can leave their belongings at their own risk.
What is the route?
We are closing number of roads for the duration of the run. The Hickmans Lane - start/finish crossing point. The section between Kenwards Farm and the river Ouse on Highbeech/College Road and a small section of Copyhold Lane. Thereby making these road sections safer for runners. However the crossing point at Ardingly College and the section from the end of Spring Lane to Lindfield Church remain open to traffic. Extreme caution should be exercised when on these sections.
Will it be muddy?
Yes, it is likely to be muddy. Both the 5k and 10k are true cross-country runs. The level of mud is determined by the weather leading up to the event. Suitable running gear should be adopted to cope with relevant conditions of the day.


When does online booking open and close?
Online booking is open now! Please follow this link - BOOK TICKETS. We are using chip timers again so need time to process and allocate chips to run numbers prior to the run. So book early to make the day less stressful for yourself. You can take your chances and register in the morning of the run from 8:30am till 10:00am sharp! Get there nice and early to avoid disappointment, as there are likely to be queues for all entrants who will be collecting their numbers and timing chips that morning too!
How much does it cost to enter?
Early Bird Entry - Until 29th Feb! 5K entry fee is £7.00. 10K entry fee is £18.00 March Onwards Prices 5K entry fee is £10.00. 10K entry fee is £20.00 The event is getting VERY popular, we had over 700 runners last year! We'd like to get everybody signed up in advance through this website, so please don't just assume you can turn up on the day and enter as the queues will be long!
Is there an early bird discount?
YES! Book before 29th Feb and save on each entry fee!
Is there a minimum age to enter?
There is neither a minimum or maximum age, but children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult throughout the 5K run. And all children under 16 taking part in the 10K must be accompanied by a responsible adult throughout the run. All runners should consider themselves fit enough to complete the distance in a reasonable time without being detrimental to their health or hazard to other runners. Full consideration must be given to the challenges of both courses which take place on uneven ground before undertaking the run. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOUR SAFETY. Please contact the organisers if you have any concerns.
How will I know my online entry has been received?
You will receive an email confirmation. Please check your inbox/spam after signing up for your confirmation email.
Can I book on the day of the run?
Yes, registration will be open at 8.30am and close at 10.00am - 30 minutes before the first start time. At which point no further entrants will be accepted. This will allow a period for all data necessary for accurate timing to be transferred to the start. Also giving sufficient time for runners to prepare for the run. DON’T leave it to the last minute to register. You will be disappointed.
Can I transfer my entry to someone else?
You must not, under any circumstances,, give your run number to anyone else. Among other potential problems, doing so may cause problems of identification for medical services in the event of any accident or injury.
Are pushchairs allowed on the 5k race?
No, the nature of the course makes pushchair use impossible.
Can I run in fancy dress?
Yes, at the runner’s own risk. Note; - The course is narrow in places, there are obstacles, uneven surfaces and on the 10K run steps, bear this in mind. Please consider the risks both for yourself and other participates by wearing unsuitable clothing.
Can my dog participate?
Dogs can accompany spectators on leads. Dogs are not allowed on the runs as the runs cross farm land and may cause distress to the farm animals.


What information do you have on pre-race training?
There are parts of the course which run through private land. These parts are not open for pre/post event use. These are indicated on our course diagram. Of course, the parts that are public footpaths can be used at any time. PLEASE RESPECT THE LANDOWNERS WHO HAVE GENEROUSLY ALLOWED US TO USE THEIR LAND FOR THE RUN.
Will the race be marshalled?
Yes, both races will have plenty of marshals, providing guidance and directions – and most importantly – lots of smiles and encouragement. They are in radio contact with run control, other marshals and first aid assistance. Please listen and respect their instructions. They are there for your safety and safety of other users of the course such as walkers and motorists and movement of farm machinery. The courses will be marked out the day before but the organisers cannot accept responsibility for any markers that are removed prior to the completion of the run. Therefore participants are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the run routes which will be displayed at registration on the day.
Will any roads be closed?
We are closing a number of roads for the duration of the run. The Hickmans Lane - start/finish crossing point. The section between Kenwards Farm and the river Ouse on Highbeech/College Road and a small section of Copyhold Lane. Thereby making these road sections safer for runners. However the crossing point at Ardingly College and the section from the end of Spring Lane to Lindfield Church will remain open to traffic. Extreme caution should be exercised when on these sections.
Are there any kilometre markers?
Is there a race time limit or cut off point?
The limit time for both runs is 2 hours, at which point the marshals are stood down and directional signage is removed. This means that by 12.45pm the run will be declared finished and all runners should have completed the course.
What happens if it is raining a lot?
The run will proceed.
Will I get a race pack on the day and what will be in it?
Yes, it will be your run number, safety pins and timing chip and ties, which you will have to attach to your footwear. Here is a handy guide on how to attach the timing chips.
How and when do I get my race pack?
You will receive your pack at the Registration area on the day of the run. It is open from 8:30am until 10:00am sharp! If you miss your registration you can still run, but without official timing for the event.
Is water available along the route?
Water points are available at the start and finish plus 3 water points for the 10K run and 1 water point for the 5K run. However, we advise you to bring your own water if you have any concerns about access to it during the run – for example if it is a hot day.
Can I run wearing headphones?
As this is not a closed course, all runners need to have their senses available to ensure awareness of other runners and dangers associated with road crossing You should always be fully aware of your surroundings, able to overtake – and be overtaken safely, and to take instructions from marshals. Please remember that emergency vehicles may have to access the course and have priority over everything and everyone. And besides…although we won’t stop you using them, why not take the opportunity to savour the amazing surroundings and natural environment the run takes place in.


I’d like to help on the day or beforehand. How can I help?
Both runs are set up and organised by volunteers. The organising committee give up many hours of their time, but if you would like to help marshal or with the set up and clearing, just a few hours is needed. The event involves about 50 local people - part of the Local Community Lindfield enjoys. If you feel that you could also help we always need more people. Just drop us a line to


Where are the toilets?
Mobile toilets and toilets at The Pavilion at the Start/ Finish Line on Hickmans Lane Playing Field will be available. There is always a queue so allow plenty of time to use them.
Is there a bag storage area?
There will be a manned secure bag drop area which will be linked to your race number at no extra cost!
What food/drink will be available?
Hot and cold drinks and a selection of healthy and some not so healthy snacks will be available.
Will race photos be available?
No. However please encourage friends and family who are not taking part to take some and share them on Lindfield's Village Run Facebook Page we'd love to see them!
Lost property
Any lost property should be handed to run control where it can be retrieved. Any unclaimed items of value will be handed over to the Police after the event.
First aiders
The run will have a two-person medical first aid team and 4X4 rapid response vehicle on site to attend to any medical need for the duration of the event. There will also be a first aider available at Hickmans Lane.
Access and parking
Hickmans Lane is easy to find and access. Parking is limited, those arriving by car should park within the Village, which has both free on street parking and several free car parks. Then make their way to the registration and start/finish points on Hickmans Lane Playing Field.


What do I get at the end of the race?
A medal and lots of admiration from a supporting crowd.
When are the results announced?
The Results will be posted on our web site 24 hours after the event finishes. As we allow on-the-day registration we need the time to fully transfer data before full results can be available.
Can I run to raise money for a charity?
This is purely a personal choice as long as registration fees are paid. Whilst the organisers have no objection, they can take no responsibility for the runner participation or any monies raised.
Can I enter as a team or part of a team?
Yes, we often have groups of runners participate but all runners are treated as individuals in the results.
Disability information

The courses are not suitable for wheelchairs. Please contact us in advance if you have concerns, so we can understand your needs and if possible, help accommodate safe participation.

Any other questions

Please email